I was reading online about the New York Police Departments hashtag #myNYPD campaign on twitter, and honestly, I was not surprised at all by what I read.  I am confused as to how they did not figure out beforehand the trouble this campaign could lead to. The campaign started on April 22.  The public relations department of the New York Police Department decided it would be a good idea to encourage twitter users to post and hashtag photos of themselves interacting with police officers. The PR department suddenly realized that maybe it was not the best decision to make this a campaign because unflattering pictures of police men interacting with people flooded twitter. One of these posts even involved a photo of a police officer shooting a dog.

I am not at all surprised by these posts made by twitter users.  How often are people around town just casually engaging with police officers and taking nice photos with them?  It is more likely that people are snapping photos of the police officers in action (ex. rough arrests). The New York Police Department’s PR did learn some important lessons about social media after this hashtag disaster.  Just because they see their organization in a certain way, does not mean that outsiders will view the organization in that same way.


In this photo, officers are fighting Occupy Wall Street protestors. This is just one of many examples of the types of photos twitter users were using the hashtag #myNYPD for. To read more about #myNYPD, click here.


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